Stream After Effects to iOS.

Connect your iOS device to After Effects. Render and share your work right from your iPad or iPhone.

Your Device is your Monitor.

Stream your After Effects composition to one or more Devices.
Over Wifi and USB.

Render and Share.

Use shortcuts to render and share to social media.
GIFs, videos and images.

Getting Started

Plugin (Mac, v1.3.0beta) First Contact Companion App (iOS)

Install the First Contact plugin on your Mac and get the App for your iOS device.


Open AE and you will find the extension in Window -> Extensions -> First Contact.


I cannot open the installer

MacOS Catalina has introduced a number of additional security settings that may throw additional warnings. "InstallFirstContact can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." is one such warning. Simply right-click the executable, select "Open" and on the following dialog select "Open" again. We're working on resolving this issue.

My device does not connect

Make sure your Mac and your iOS device are on the same WiFi network. Sometimes it can also take a while for First Contact to find your device over WiFi. Make sure you wait a couple of seconds to see if does not show up. Some network, firewall and/or VPN configurations can also prevent First Contact from finding your device. In this case try connecting via USB.

The picture on my device is lagging or stalls at certain intervals

This can happen if your network is congested. Connect via USB for a faster and more reliable experience.

I have updated After Effects and First Contact says it cannot find the plug-in

Check your the folder of your new After Effects installation and make sure the FirstContact.plugin is present (e.g. /Applications/Adobe After Effects 2020/Plug-ins). If not, either copy it over from another After Effects installation or reinstall First Contact with the installer from this page.

My shortcuts interfere with the system or After Effects

Unfortunately, there is currently no way of overriding hot keys for either After Effects or the system. Generally speaking, AE uses a lot of hot keys involving the ‚Ćė key. Try to avoid those.