First Contact Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Version 1.0

At Forge and Form we are committed to ensuring our user's privacy. Because we actually care and do not want others spying on us either. We do not collect any personally identifiable information on you and do not share any of the data that we collect with third parties other than the ones outlined in this privacy policy.

This privacy policy will help clear things up on what we do with your data, what we collect, how we do it and what third party services we in this app. If anything remains unclear you can always reach out via e-mail (see bottom).

What we collect

We actively anonymize any personally identifiable information before it gets send to us. It's possible that some personally identifiable information may slip through in cases where the contents of what is being collected is not known beforehand (such as socket message content). We are mostly focused on getting crash reports and error logs. When something in the app goes wrong we would like to fix it. For this purpose we typically collect the time, date, os version and type of device the app or plugin is running on. Crash reports will also have logs attached that detail how the app was being used and that chronicle certain app events. This information is only used for evaluating why the app crashed and is only sent out after a crash has occurred.

Additionally we may collect information on what it is that you are interested in within our software. We do not collect any personally identifiable information as part of our analytics. We are only interested in what features our users use, how often they use them and what we can do to improve them. For this purpose we may transmit when you clicked on a specific button and what sections in the software you use. We do not care about your gender, race, name, address or whether you pirated the software or not. Although, we'd ask you buy it if possible.

What we collect it with

In our First Contact app and plug-in we are using Microsoft's App Center to collect any information. The data is anonymised and does not allow us to map it to any individual user. Please review their handling of your information: App Center on GDPR

Microsoft is certified under the privacy shield treaty and guarantees to act in accordance with European privacy laws. More

Who we share the data with

We only share the date with the services which allow us to process the data gathered from that app. This is only Microsoft. We do not sell your data and we do not share it with anyone else other than outlined herein.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may adapt our privacy policy in the future to always accurately reflect our handling of your data and our commitment to your privacy. We will notify you if we do so!

Your rights

You can always reach us at if you have questions on any of this, if you have a complaint, an objection or if you would like to see the data we have on you, have your data purged, corrected, amended, erased, transferred or other.

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